Profiling the interaction of mammalian respiratory allergens with cells of the epithelial interface

Among the plethora of molecules present in our environment, only a minority have the potential to induce an allergic sensitization. Despite the isolation of a considerable number of allergenic molecules from plant and animal sources, the debate on how the different allergens are able to interact with the immune system to induce a Th2 type response is still unresolved. Domestic animals are a major source of indoor allergens and a risk factor for the development of allergic asthma and rhinitis. Mechanisms of cellular binding, uptake, processing and presumed allergenic immune modulation of animal allergens are not fully characterized yet. The elucidation of cellular pathways induced by animal allergens is crucial for the understanding of allergic immune responses to animals and may ultimately lead to new therapeutic approaches.


• PhD thesis project Bente Janssen-Weets, Project PI Christiane Hilger


Project partners: Odense Research Center for Anaphylaxis (ORCA); Environmental Health Group, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST); Laboratory of crystallography, Center for Protein Engineering-InBioS, University of Liège

Co-funding: FNR-PRIDE NextImmune DTU