Deep IgE-profiling in participants of the EHES-LUX study

Allergies emerged over the past decades as an important public health concern. The first wave of the allergy epidemic was on respiratory disease (asthma, rhinitis). This continued into a second wave that is characterized by a strong increase of food allergy prevalence. Allergies entail an important socioeconomic impact, causing fear of accidental exposure, reduced health-related quality of life and high healthcare costs that are nearly double the amount compared to non-allergic individuals. National allergy registers are an important basis not only to raise awareness of this chronic inflammation but also, to set up strategic programmes for improved patient care at reduced negative impact for the society/economy. The project targets to collect allergy-related data and serological antibody profiles from participants of the EHES-LUX study (European Health Examination Survey in Luxembourg), a cross-sectional population-based survey that was conducted during 2013-2015 in a randomly selected representative sample of the general population.


• PhD thesis project Rebecca Czolk, Project PI Annette Kuehn


Project partners: Department of Population Health (DOPH), University of Kaiserslautern

Co-funding: Laboratoires Réunis