Characterization and modulation of fish allergenicity towards the production of a low allergen farmed fish

Fish is one of the ‘Big 8’ of allergenic foods and can cause severe allergic reactions in sensitized individuals. This project aims to elucidate whether raising these animals under specific growth conditions might reduce the allergenic potency of fish produced in aquaculture. Two Mediterranean fishes will be targeted as model species for aquaculture production. Fish will be farmed using conventional growth conditions and specifically designed diets based on preliminary data from an ongoing study. These diets should reduce the expression level of parvalbumins, the major fish muscle allergens, and/or promote the expression of calcium-free parvalbumin which is known as a hypoallergenic molecule. Parvalbumins from conventional and modified fishes will be compared as to their biomolecular and allergenic characteristics. The long-term perspective of this project is a sustainable production of non-genetically modified hypoallergenic fish as a smart and safe food.


• PhD thesis project Denise Schrama, Project PI Annette Kuehn


Project partners: Center of Marine Sciences (CCMAR)/Algarve University (project PI Pedro Rodrigues); Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL)

Co-funding: Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) PhD thesis SFRH/BD/136319/2018 and project UIDB/04326/2020