Annette Kuehn






PhD, Principal Investigator, Group “Molecular and Translational Allergology”

Department of Infection and Imuunity, 29, rue Henri Koch, Esch-sur-Alzette - L-4354

+352 26 970 335




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Dr Annette Kuehn, a pharmacist by training, obtained her PhD in Applied Microbiology, Saarland University, Germany. In 2005, she continued her professional path as scientist in the Laboratory of Immunogenetics and Allergology at the Luxembourg Institute of Health. Dr. Kuehn developed her skills in molecular allergology in the frame of a transversal program on food safety. Thus, she initiated successfully the research field of food allergy at LIH and became an expert in the molecular and immunological characterization of allergenic molecules to address “what makes an allergen an allergen?”. The expertise on allergenic molecules, their properties and their standardized production paved the way for advanced translational studies on component-resolved IgE diagnosis of food-allergic patients. In close collaboration with clinical centers (inter-/national), cohorts of patients and controls were recruited to explore the diagnostic relevance of single allergen components in serum IgE-testing. International visibility and recognition of competitive food allergy research resulted from these translational activities. By studying seafood allergy as a model disease, she contributed significantly to a better understanding of the clinical phenotypes of allergic patients, their improved clinical management as well as the development of novel perspectives in molecule-based serum testing, together with commercial partners. Since 2015, Dr. Kuehn is heading as a Principle Investigator the research team, together with Dr. Hilger. She has the R3 Established Researcher profile according to the European Framework for Research Careers, with full supervision rights granted by the University of Luxembourg.

She widened her translational research scope in food allergy addressing important fundamental aspects related to clinical allergy. To stratify allergic patients into disease endotypes using molecular and immune signatures is her main area of interest. Dr Kuehn is a supervisor in the doctoral training units NextImmune, MICROH and i2TRON. She has a solid publication track in basic and translational research, including many studies in collaborative networks both with science and clinics. She was guest editor in different journals (eg, Frontiers in Immunology, Allergologie) and is in the reviewer board of Frontiers in Allergy. She is an active member of COST actions (eg. ImPARAS, COMFA).



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